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   Regulation :

Fishing exclusively NO KILL. All taken, without exception, will be returned to the water in the best conditions. Disinfection of wounds is REQUIRED .
If necessary the material required for disinfection can be sold on site.


Rule 1 :
Out of respect for the environment of the fauna and flora, all games and sports (swimming, windsurfing, dinghy, photos Aquatic ,...) are not allowed
Any conduct that may distort the natural (clearing, pruning, campfires ,...) is prohibited.
Personal barbecues are allowed, (only up BBQ and outside during hot weather), subject to having to close a bucket of water. Ground fires are prohibited. Barbecue ashes must be removed by fishermen and not scattered on the ground. Smokers are asked to provide an ashtray.
Dry toilets are available in two separate locations,so you are expressly asked to use must and leave the premises clean during your stay and after your departure.


Rule 2 :
Any fisherman practicing its activity on the site, shall be solely responsible. It is the only guarantee that can cause damage to himself or a third party, whether of body or materielle.
Every carer is subject to regulation. Fishermen have to inform their guests the terms of regulation.
The field Brusson accept responsibility for accidents of any kind. No appeals may be made to the Association, or owne
Dogs are allowed freedom near your position, but must be leashed at all your travels, they are your sole responsibility and you will be liable for any damage, accident or negligence on your part. Courtesy and for the well-being of all droppings pets must be picked up by their masters before departure.

We consider your consent for publication in all media for fishing when you give us or let us take pictures.
For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed on the area between 9:00 and 21HOO.


Rule 3 :
Fishing should be conducted in a spirit of sportsmanship and courteous behavior likely to disrupt other anglers are not allowed.
The consumption of drugs and excess alcohol are forbidden, under pain of immediate dismissal.
All eventual disputes between fishermen, will be settled amicably by the Manager.
For the tranquility of other fishermen, parking near stations is allowed only for fishermen. The visitor parking is mandatory for anyone not fishing.

reel fishing

Rule 4 :
Fishing is practiced only since the 7 positions arranged, and fishing is forbidden along the road. Each site is leased by name, he is not allowed to change jobs during the rental period.
The limits of the positions are determined by orange wooden stakes, you have obligation to fish inside the area. You are also required to fish in front of the station rented (through fishing prohibited).
The boat fishing is allowed during the day, from 2 fishermen. A life jacket per passenger is required. The start is rented from the post, while respecting the boundaries of adjacent posts.


Rule 5 : (Carp fishing)
Are allowed to fish, the owners of the following equipment: 3 rods maximum per rod-pod and fisherman. A permanently wet carpet of receiving more than one meter. Heads of nylon line. single hook per line n°2, micro barbed hook or barb crushed . Rods are constantly under surveillance or fishermen
Prohibited: storage bags are the bent'hook, braids and crab . Except where the Manager, the capitals of all kinds are prohibited, however the bivvy and umbrella-tents are allowed.
Compliance with the regulation concerning the equipment, fixtures or boot may be subject to verification.


Rule 6 : (sturgeon fishing)
Because of the fragility and uniqueness of this species, a number of precautions are taken to fishing for sturgeon. Taken must be managed, continuously humidified, and returned to the water in the best conditions. The vertebral column of sturgeons are particularly fragile it is strictly forbidden to take the dip . It is mandatory to manipulate by hand with great care, and keep them by the tail. Order to minimize manipulation of specimens from the water, your photos will be taken preferably "fish in water".
Compliance with the regulations concerning equipment, fixtures, priming, or specific fishing techniques may, without notice, be subject to verification. Any breach of the rules in any form whatsoever, will result in immediate expulsion from the field without refund of stay. We consider

your agreement to publication in all media for fishing, when you give us or let us take pictures.

Your arrival on the Field Brusson and validate your payment your full membership under the rules.


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